What’s Between Us
Installation, 2022 - 2023

July 2nd - July 22nd 2022: Stripart Festival Guinardó 
January 27th - February 22nd 2023: Matas i Ramis
March 1st - March 29th 2023: Bocanord
April 5th - May 3rd 2023: Sant Andreu

What’s Between Us (Lo que hay entre nosotros) is an immersive installation where light and sound merge to generate an atmosphere that floods everyone who integrates it, a Site-Specific structure that refigures different spaces and elevates them to new spiritual dimensions.
The work of artist Mark Allen Soul explores new alternative languages and time configurations to the speed of the outside world, confronts society immediately and creates a new space of ataraxia that questions our constant need for new stimuli.

Special thanks to Fran for all the light and electronic assistance, StripArt Festival, Mirada Pilot & Cymbionte Collective for the work curating and exposition.