Secret / Gupt
Performance & Installation, 2020

Performance, Installation, Music & Direction by Mark Allen Soul
Video by Xavi Romero
Photography by Karlota Casado
Sound Engineering by Azombike
Light Engineering by Sayen Cuadrado

Secret / Gupt was a performance and installation performed on January 15, 2020 at Sala Box,
located in the Fine Arts Academy of Barcelona.
This session of self-exploration deals with the fine line between the torn exhibition and the most secret intimacy of all the paintings made throughout the last years of my career.
As if it were a farewell letter to painting, a box was built with 6 wooden columns sustaining a translucent methacrylate plate. Inside, with my naked body, liters of paint and a huge amount of materials, I painted some of my most hidden secrets, while hiding them with my own body and new layers of different materials to the rhythm of an original piece of music.

The result of the performance was a large blue stain on the canvas that remained open to the public for the rest of a sunny January 15, 2020, until it was later destroyed forever.