Shimmer - Roaming In Ambilight [Compilation]

I Lost Us (2022)

Written & Produced by Mark Allen Soul
Artwork by Nefo
Master by Zean
Hosted by Didi


It feels weird to be alone again
You know, on your own
Nothing makes any sense now I
Just let the days go by
I don’t know a home anymore
I lost it, I lost us
Lost love and it feels weird to be alone again
Love… why cut yourself when you can be in love
On your own again, no one by my side
Just let the days go by, these sad sunny days
Life feels strange, you know, when everything is gone wrong.
As it started, alone
On your own
Without you and without us
Without love

Things might get better tho,
It’s just time
It goes by
Everything happened so fast and
I lost us so fast
Didn’t think it would happen that way
But he made it easy

I lost us
And love
Once again