Mix 025 - 09/05/24
Celes & Mark Allen Soul


Celes: 00:00 - 32:00

This is in large part a segment of an old recording I had made earlier this year. I was listening to music one day and decided to play around on my mixer with an ableton session open at the same time. It is a medley of different songs, my own effects triggering, and texture additions from Ableton. Because it was a few months ago, and because I fittingly didn't take any notes, I have no clue what any of the songs used are. I tried to recreate that information to some degree, but given the mixed nature of the sounds, as well as my habit of collecting and consuming music from a wide range of places, this process was to no avail. I apologies for not being able to give credit where it is due, as all of the songs are clearly beautiful on their own, and I suggest anyone who might recognize any of them to please let me know!

I took this old recording and mixed it with a recording I took while on my daily walk. I recently moved to a new neighborhood in Brooklyn and have taken pleasure in thoroughly exploring my new environment. Today I was at the Rudd Playground, a park that is elevated up a hill from the rest of the neighborhood and buffered one side by a cemetary and large park. It is mainly an activity focused place, with two basketball courts, a jungle gym, some swing and a skate park, and I find it's elevation plus it proximity to nature to be rather soothing. You can hear shouts and the clatter of activity peak through the sounds at times.

Towards the end of the recording you can hear me reading from a document on "Sonic Defense" that was shared at the South River Music Fest in March 2023, which was a festival that was organized in Atlanta to protest the planned development of Cop City, a police training facility that will effectively destroy the Weelaunee Forest, and further develop the systems of police violence that have historically harmed the communities they claim to serve. This festival, held after 5 weeks of prolonged action against the development, and seen as jubilant and celebratory in nature, peaceful, as is often the case, until it was brutally raided by the police on the evening of March 5. The texts discusses the cosmic significance of music in radical work, and has stuck with me greatly since my friend shared it with me earlier this month

Mark Allen Soul: 32:00 - 60:00

Babyxsosa - Southside to South Pasadena (Letter From Grandma)
Fred Again…, Brian Eno - I Saw You
Harken - Billy The Kid
Simon K - Sunset Tales (Afterbeach Treatment)
Mark Allen Soul - So Happy I Could Die
Lady Gaga - Eh Eh (Nothing Else I can Say)