Cuatro Cielos (Four Skies)

Visual poem,
Short film

Directed, Written and Starred by Mark Allen Soul.
Directed, Recorded and Edited by Pau Gutierrez.
Music includes Samples by Mark Allen Soul and William Basinski.
Artwork by Mark Allen Soul

Cuatro Cielos (Four Skies) is a visual poem co-directed with Pau Gutiérrez recorded in El Puente Colgante between November 26th and 29th, 2020.
The short film tells a story of a profound loss of temporal and personal sense in relation to everything around us, an aimless journey towards the shores of an ocean called loneliness. 
Through the repetition of certain phrases and visual metaphors mythologized and materialized in a naked body that allows itself to be dominated by the beings of nature, the identity of someone unable to find any refuge; neither in places, people or memories themselves, is reflected.

Cuatro Cielos premiered on January 13th, 2021 at the Fine Arts Academy of Barcelona.

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